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Self Care Spiritual Discipline

Weekend Encouragement in your faith. Grab your coffee. Watch video or read this week's blog post.

Self-Care Spiritual Discipline
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If you need improvement in self care, sign up for Yoga for Self-Care Workshop Led by Erin Cuomo of Breathe Grace Yoga begins March 22

This is a course that explores Self-Care in 6 dimensions: Emotional, Social, Intellectual, Vocational, Physical, and Spiritual. Each section will take you through understanding why it is important, how to create a vision and plan, and anticipating roadblocks or when things go wrong. It will also demonstrate how yoga practices of movement, breath, and meditation work so well to help you achieve your goals in self-care. You do not need to be a yogi to take this course! It is just an added bonus for anyone who wants to learn and try. The course will include 6 yoga practices and 7 meditations, as well as personal stories from different people sharing their journeys through the different areas of self-care. For a limited time, you are able to Pick Your Price. Click here to sign up.


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