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Planning Your Ceremony

Prepare for both your wedding and marriage

Initial Conversation
- One Hour -

Meet with April for a cup of coffee and a conversation about your love story. 

Before the second session...
Experience something new together such as reading a book, taking a pottery class, learning how to fly fish or visit a counselor to find tools for your toolbox in marriage journey.

Joys & Struggles of Marriage
- One Hour - 

During the second session, couples view the following ten questions with April.

  1. What did you learn from the new experience or book you shared together?

  2. Describe your partner using three adjectives.

  3. What parts of your life now looks like you pictured when you were young? 

  4. Who taught you about money?

  5. Tell me about your favorite teacher.

  6. When do you feel closest to God?

  7. What habit do you wish you could make or break? 

  8. Tell about a marriage you witnessed true love. 

  9. Share a memory of a couple arguing.

  10. What legacy do you want to leave behind?

Before the third session...

Select the following word choices for the ceremony; marriage statements, vows, exchange of rings, and scripture verses.
View options by clicking here.

Plan Your Ceremony
- One Hour - 

Payment of $300 is received at the third pre-marital counseling session. Also couples need to let April know their favorite charity or church. In honor of their wedding day, April donates 10% of the honorarium to the designated organization.  

During the third session, couples will walk through the wedding ceremony by selecting options for vows and exchange of rings. April will help couples find creative ways to reveal their love story in word and song on their wedding day.

Ready to begin planning your wedding ceremony?

Contact April to set up the initial conversation

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