Planning Your Ceremony

Prepare for both your wedding and marriage

Initial Conversation
- One Hour -

Get to know April by sharing a cup of coffee and telling her your love story.

Joys & Struggles of Marriage
- One Hour - 

Participate in a personality quiz
Review questions: How to maintain a budget? Where to spend the holidays? When to create a will?
Discover your Love and Apology Language.
Experience something new together such as reading a book, taking a pottery class, learning how to fly fish or visit a counselor to find tools for your toolbox in marriage journey.

Plan Your Ceremony
- One Hour - 

Payment of $300 is given at the third counseling session.

Walk through your wedding ceremony selecting options for vows and exchange of rings. Discover creative ways to reveal your love story in unique ways on your special day together. 

Ready to begin planning your wedding ceremony?

Contact April to set up the initial conversation