Love is patient. Love is Kind. Love never ends


Meghan & Austin

May 1, 2010

Photographs by Danielle McMillion

April spent a lot of time getting to know us as a couple and personalized our wedding to reflect our relationship.  She made us feel important and gave lasting, sound advice.  During out wedding, she honored our faith and our relationship with each other.


Jacquie & Larry
June 7, 2014

Photographs by Jordan Coiner

April took the time to listen to us and create a ceremony that connected to us both on a personal feel and also as a new couple.  It was a combination of a traditional service with room to include our personalities. 


Kathleen and Shawn
June 24, 2017

April met with us several times in preparation for our wedding. Not only did this help us prepare for the commitment we were making, it also helped her get to know us as a couple. She artfully crafted a ceremony that told our story in a unique way. It made the day all the more special and memorable.


Jackie and Leslie 
February 2, 2019

Photographs by Dave Fretz

When we thought we had no options besides a justice of the peace, a friend suggested we ask April to perform our same-gender wedding.  April spent so much time getting to know us and finding out what we wanted our ceremony to look like.  We knew it wasn't just a job to her, but an opportunity for her to help celebrate us.


Kaitlin and Justin
June 8, 2019

Photographs by JLA Photography

We could  not have asked for a better officiant for our big day. April took extra time to meet with us, getting to know us as a couple and making sure we had discussed many of the important topics prior to our wedding day in regards to our faith and our future.  She made our wedding personal to us and exactly what we had imagined and more.


Emily and Brian

June 29, 2019

April’s beautiful and thoughtful meditation made our wedding ceremony so special and personal. April focused the meditation around the word “Selah,” which is a word in scripture that means to rest, stop, and reflect. April’s focus on the word “Selah” honored our wedding day and marriage as we wanted to focus on being present in the moment not only at our ceremony but throughout our lives. We were grateful to share a meal and quality time with April and her family prior to our wedding and for the opportunity to reflect on our relationship through April’s recommended readings and counseling session. Thank you, April, for your thoughtful insight and guidance which will greatly benefit us in this next chapter.


Laura and Andrew
July 4, 2020

Photographs by Joy Photography with Jennifer Kearney

April was genuinely interested in learning about our relationship, and blended that information into the ceremony.  As an interfaith couple, she honored our families, our religious beliefs, and traditions.  Her caring and inclusive manner made our wedding day very special to our family.


SarahBeth and Tyler
April 24, 2021

Photographs by Jessica Allen from The Simple Love Collection

I cannot put into words how perfect the ceremony April led was, she was such a big part of our amazing day! Her support and kindness throughout the process of planning the ceremony  from beginning to end was exactly what Tyler and I needed. April is extremely patient and calming individual, our anxieties with planning and not knowing where to begin were instantly put at easy with her. I cannot thank her enough for creating a perfect and personal ceremony, that encompassed both our humor and love. We received SO MANY compliments regarding how amazing she made the ceremony. April, thank you so much.


Katie and Dillon
September 24, 2021

Photographs by Oaks and Ivy Studios

I'm honestly not sure I can put into words how thankful and blessed we were to have April perform our marriage ceremony. April was once my boss and she quickly transitioned into a role model for the person I wanted to be. Compassionate beyond belief and so patient, she stands firm with her beliefs but openly accepts all others, she listens with her full attention, waiting for a chance to offer whatever you may need. She is centered in Christ and willing to walk with you or wait for you to join when you're ready.  When my husband and I decided to have a faith-based ceremony, my mind immediately went to April. He and I still agree it was the best possible choice. Her counseling sessions started deep and meaningful conversations between Dillon and I. We were so comfortable with her there that talking intimately about our relationship felt like a chat about the weather.  I've always felt a sense relief after talking with April. Her gentle reminders to lean on God and judgment-free advice have been invaluable during some of the most memorable times of my life. On our way back from the ceremony, the first thing we spoke of was how grateful we were for April. We both agree there is something unexplainable about her that makes you feel calm. We will forever cherish the time she spent getting to know us as a couple, saving so many details to create the perfect ceremony. For us, she will always be highly recommended to anyone wanting their marriage focused on the union of two people with God.