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Mission in Review

Welcome Friends!

In reviewing my favorite books, these quotes fill the empty well inside of me with wisdom and wonder.

"I do not at all understand the mystery of grace – only that it meets us where we are but does not leave us where it found us." Traveling Mercies by Anne Lamott

"Interesting that the serpent is the only one in the story (Genesis 3) that does not try to pass the buck." Life without Lack by Dallas Willard

"In John's gospel, Jesus is not interested in what we think or feel, but how we act." Always a Guest by Barbara Brown Taylor

Let's review favorite quotes from the past two months of mission conversations. May these quotes fill your empty well, inspire your feet to serve, and lead your heart to love.

Cindy Corell, Mission Co-Worker in Haiti Storytelling and Mission

"Mission is what gives your life focus. Mission is what gives your life the fire and fuel to love God and follow the lessons Jesus Christ. It brings the joy. And though there is sadness, troubles, and so many problems, we will never, ever solve. Together, there is nothing that we cannot do. And maybe in the meantime, the striving is what matters most."

Learn more about Cindy's ministry in Haiti by visiting Presbyterian Mission.

"In February of 2018, I was scrolling through Facebook and saw a post from a friend of mine [Cindy Mondello] that I have know for ten years. The post told of Cindy's story about having polycystic disease and how she needed a kidney donor. As I was sitting there reading the story, I got to the end of her post where she said, 'if you're interested then call this number.' I was sitting in my office and I remember the Lord speaking to me and saying, 'Write the number down.'

Rev. April Cranford Meals in Mission

"The best meals to serve in mission are the meals that come from the heart. The next time you prepare food those in need, pray about a favorite meal your family can provide. Watch how God leads you to use your grandmother's favorite recipe or while shopping, all the needed items are on sale. God’s provisions go before you, be ready and willing to answer the call."

"We do not have to be ministers, ordained ministers, to do any of that [listening, praying, serving] In fact, most of church is not about the minister, rather we want to believe that or not. It is about the people who care for each other and listen to each other. You can often find that in the work situation. I certainly found it to be the case in mine." Shortly after Sarah realized that ministry was about relationships, she attended seminary as a second career student. She is an ordained minister and encourages everyone to do ministry in every part of life.

Pastor Francis Pereira

Francis says: "I must tell you this one, her name is Al. I was shopping in Walmart and I come to this counter. I see this girl named Al and she has piercings in her chin, cheek, nose, and eyebrows. I said to her, "Al, you look beautiful." She looked at me and I said, "Do you go to any church?" She said, "No."

I said, "Good, if I was you, I would not go to church either. Churches are boring here, but Al I would get to know Jesus. I would read my Bible. God has a plan for you Al. He wants you to fulfill it and he is with you." And to my surprise, this is how she responded. She said, "Francis, you are the first person who has encouraged me. Christians ridicule me when they see my piercings." I said, "Don't talk about this anymore. You get to know Jesus. You read your Bible, and I will be praying for you Al." Learn more about Pastor Francis's heart for evangelism and mission online at Spread the Fire Ministries.

Reed and April Cranford

Reed and I have served on mission trips locally, nationally, and internationally. Our first international mission trip together was Haiti. Originally, Reed was not suppose to go. A journalist was suppose to attend the trip, however she had to stay back due to a family engagement. I remember sitting around the dining room table with Reed saying, "Who could go to Haiti? Who loves God? Loves Mission? Has all their shots? And has their passport up-to-date?"

Reed said, "I do."

Since 1986 churches in the Shenandoah Valley have partnered together to glorify God by serving at Summerlee Mission. Each summer during the second week of July, churches spread the love of Christ by repairing homes and building relationships in the community. Typically we serve in West Virginia, however in 2020 and 2021 we served in Virginia. In 2013, the Summerlee Kid Crew began with mission in the morning and swimming in the afternoons. In 2021, the kid crew served with O.U.R. Hearts Ministry by sorting food and clothes, mulching, delivering books, and enjoying art with community kids.

Take a simple step in mission this weekend by reviewing a favorite quote that leads you to love God and neighbor well.


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