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December Birthdays

December 18, 2020

I am at my favorite coffee shop, Starbucks in Waynesboro remembering many people who have December birthdays such as; Taylor Swift born on December 13, Sir Isaac Newton born on December 25, and Tiger Woods born on December 30.

We want everyone to feel extra special on their birthday. Growing up, I remember my sister's birthday on December 21. As a family we did not combine birthday and Christmas gifts, and we certainly did not wrap birthday gifts in Christmas paper.

Today on December 18, our daughter Haven turns thirteen. She is beginning the adventure of being a teenager. Our family and a friend look forward to making Haven feel extra special tonight even among all the limitations that 2020 brings to our celebrations.

I remember thirteen years ago being pregnant with Haven and reading the Christmas story in a whole new way. I was empathetic for Mary traveling for days while pregnant and delivering her child away from family.

On that Christmas Eve night, for the first time in years, I remembered not celebrating with my church family in a sanctuary with candles and carols but in my living room holding a week old child as we both gazed upon the lights on Christmas tree.

Perhaps this year, you will not celebrate Christmas in the same way as you did in past years.

My prayer for us as we celebrate December birthdays, especially the birthday of Christ, that the lights on a cake or on a tree would remind us of the light and love of our Savior that indwells within us bringing us peace and hope both now and forevermore.

Take care and have a blessed week.

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