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A Glimpse of the Kingdom


“You come to my home, and we will wait together,” said the brother of the refugees. By this point, it seemed all we did was wait. Over the past nine months, two churches, one Lutheran and one Presbyterian, had waited, prayed, met, and approved co-sponsoring a refugee family. Finally the day had come for the Congolese family to arrive in America, a place many of their family members already called home.

Upon hearing of his family’s flight delay, the brother of the refugees welcomed my friend and me into his home. He wanted us to eat African food and experience African culture. Over the next two hours, we honored each other’s traditions as he and his family taught us how to eat fufu for the very first time and as I offered a prayer over the meal, an experience they seemed to appreciate for the very first time.

Later that night, the family arrived. While my friend and I stood on the front porch, resounding joy rose from the driveway as we watched the two families embrace under the night’s sky. Seeing and hearing them felt like witnessing a glimpse of the kingdom. Unfortunately we often miss these glimmers of greatness because we focus on serving ourselves. In the passage from Mark, Jesus taught James and John, and the other ten disciples that true greatness comes not by serving ourselves, but by serving others.

In following Jesus, we may find ourselves sponsoring refugees, saying yes to a dinner invitation, or offering a simple prayer. While we wait for the completion of God's glorious kingdom on earth as it is in heaven, let us show great love by serving together.


Dear Holy Human One,

Today may the words I speak and the actions I take invite and empower all people to serve you with great love. Amen.

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