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A Christmas Song Prayer

Be near us Lord Jesus, as we shout our hallelujahs and offer our praise in Christmas glorias.

Stay close to us, as our voices rejoice throughout the plains and over the icy mountain range, of your light which which has come to shatter the darkness and birth hope to a weary world. 


Be near us Lord Jesus, as our Wonderful Counselor. 

May the light of your wisdom and your creative counsel bring new solutions to old problems, and challenge leaders to fight injustice and resolve inequality. When our hearts are broken, when our bodies are tired, and when our wallets are empty, remind us of your promises and provisions as we rest in your great faithfulness that sustains us from generation to generation.

Be near us Lord Jesus, as our Mighty God and Everlasting Father. 

Grant courage to families in crisis and perseverance to churches in the midst of change. Lord, give strength to the soldier and energy to the social worker. Bring a renewed spirit to first responders and a restful night’s sleep to caregivers. When our motivation is low and our initiatives bear little fruit, rise within our soul your unspeakable joy and set our hearts free to share your divine truth in the words we say and the songs we sing. 

Be near us Lord Jesus, as our Prince of Peace. 

Lead us with inspiration to imagine a world free from climate chaos and endless war. As bearers of your light and agents of your love, may we join with you in bringing wholeness to our world by caring for the sick, comforting the sorrowful, and feeding the hungry. When our priorities seem out of order and our generosity seems shallow, cleanse us with your mercy and motivate us in mission to serve you once again.


Be near us Lord Jesus, as we sing, as we celebrate, and as we listen to what you have to say to us this Christmas. We make this prayer in the precious and holy name of the child who has been born for us, the son who has been given to us.  Amen.

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