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A Barista on a Mission! 
Presbyterians Today Magazine

Barista and elder, Kate Lewis Brown has a faithful passion in retirement for God’s children in Martinsburg, West Virginia. While interviewing Kate, I enjoyed hearing about her studies at the Texas Coffee School. 

“In the summer of 2021, Brown attended the Texas Coffee School, a three-day master class on starting a coffee shop. The class offered hands-on coffee education and barista training. The coffee school brought clarity to the project’s vision. As Brown learned the techniques of making lattes and cappuccinos, she also learned the high costs of specialty drinks.”

Although I write about mission in blog posts and preach about mission in sermons, this summer presented the first opportunity of publishing a mission article in Presbyterians Today Magazine. 

The July/August edition of the magazine includes the story, "A barista on a mission; Retiree's second act is a coffeehouse ministry." 

Read more about Kate Lewis Brown’s energetic spirit in opening a for-profit business for the coffee shop and a nonprofit new worshipping community in Martinsburg, WV.

Click here for a direct link to the mission article

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