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Overview of Match Mission with Joy

From coffee shops to living rooms, April Cranford asked one hundred ordinary people to define mission in their everyday life. A few surprises occurred along the way: April noticed joy appeared in a person’s words and showed up on their face. And her least favorite question soon became the most treasured question of them all. 


Learn how a house cleaner bakes cakes for bereaved families in the community to find her joy. Read how a volunteer firefighter starts a Bible study at the fire station to find his joy. Notice how a banker shares financial life lessons with clients at the drive-thru window to find her joy. 


Define and weave mission into your daily life by uniting your story, your neighbor’s story, and God’s story into one narrative. Individuals and small groups will widen their mission perspective through scripture, weekly service challenges, reflective prayer exercises, and so much more. 


April has transformed her childhood memory game into a mission match adventure in life. Game cards that once contained images of red roses and lily pads now contain images of faces and needs in the world. Open the box, see beyond the darkness, breathe the fresh air, and discover how to match your mission with joy every day.

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Learn how to define and weave mission into your daily life by uniting your story, your neighbor's story, and God's story into one narrative.