Writing a Book

Show up, Serve well, and Find joy

In our world, we are overwhelmed with brokenness, tragedy, division, and pain. The best way we can calm our restless hearts and bring healing to a hurting world, is through serving others. Whenever a person is in need, we simply show up in their lives and let the Spirit do the rest. May we strive each day to serve God and love neighbor well.


From coffee shops to living rooms, I asked one hundred ordinary people how they define and weave mission into their everyday life. I discovered amazing stories from ordinary people like house cleaners, firefighters, and bank tellers. They served in a variety of places by blending their story, their neighbor's story, and God's story into one narrative. As I wait for God's timing on publication, I keep engaging in mission conversations with ordinary people and sharing their amazing stories on my blog, Holy Hills; Simple Steps in Mission Every Weekend.  


I would love to hear your mission story!  How do you define mission and weave mission into your life at work, home, church, in the community, and on a trip?  Let's connect on socials or send me an email by clicking here.