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Common Ground Podcast 
You will love Bill and Odell

Bill and Odell invited me to be a guest on their podcast, "Are You Finding Common Ground." During the podcast episode, I shared stories in ministry and challenges facing female pastors in the church today. Each week, Bill and Odell find common ground through controversial topics. These two friends are devoted Christians that love the Lord and each other. One is a Republican. One is a Democrat. One is Black. One is white. 

On your ride to work or during your morning walk, take a listen to the podcast episode, Common Ground: Female Pastors in the Church. 


Andersons of West Hills Interview
Check out my conversation with Leslie Anderson

I first met Leslie on Instagram. We laughed at the failed attempts to sync our schedules and time zones together. Once we connected over the phone, the time flew by as we talked about the Lord leading us on new journeys in mission, business, and writing.

Leslie enjoys telling other people's stories. Throughout the interview, Leslie listened to my story with an attentive spirit. Her hopeful presence left me with an extra spring in my step for the rest of the afternoon.

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